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Jackie Brown is a content creator specializing in the pet industry. She writes on all pet and veterinary topics, including general health and care, nutrition, grooming, behavior, training, veterinary and health topics, rescue and animal welfare, lifestyle, and the human-animal bond. Jackie is the former editor of numerous pet magazines and is a regular contributor to pet magazines and websites.


Meet 8 Of The Fluffiest Cat Breeds On Earth

Who doesn’t love fluffy cats? Those long, glorious coats feel luxurious and make fluffy cats look like tiny lions. Some cats have long hair but aren’t necessarily fluffy. The thing that makes a longhaired cat a truly fluffy cat is the texture of the hair and sometimes the presence of an undercoat. Whether longhaired or shorthaired, some cats have double...

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The 7 Most Adorable Flat-Faced Cat Breeds

No doubt about it, flat-faced cat breeds are adorable. The short nose, short muzzle, round face, and large eyes give flat-faced felines a very human expression, which cat lovers often find irresistible. A flat face is a genetically inherited trait seen in a handful of cat breeds (as well as some dog breed, such as the Pug). The scientific term...

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Cat Upper Respiratory Infection Feature

Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats

Upper respiratory infections (URIs) are common in cats, especially among cats housed closely together in such environments as animal shelters, breeding catteries, and boarding facilities. Cat URIs are also common among ferals living in large groups outdoors (feral cat colonies). What Are Cat Upper Respiratory Infections? Cats can develop infections of either the upper or lower respiratory tract. Feline URIs...

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8 Gorgeous Grey Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Though grey is one of the most beautiful colors found in cats, grey cats are not particularly rare. The color grey, which is also called blue, is a dilute variation of black, which is a very common color in cats. In cats, grey coats come in a range of hues, from very light silvery grey to deep slate blue. Grey...

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Wet vs. Dry Cat Food: What’s Better For Cats?

Cat owners often ask the question, is dry or wet food better for cats? The answer is not black and white. Both types of cat food have upsides and downsides. In this article on wet vs. dry cat food, we’ll go over all of the pros and cons to help you decide which is best for your cat. Whether the food is dry or wet, look for...

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How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell?

Any cat owner can vouch that there’s nothing more frustrating than lingering cat pee smell. Cat urine has a distinct, strong odor that can be difficult to eradicate from carpets, furniture, floors, and other places. The good news is, by using the correct techniques and avoiding some common mistakes, you can get rid of the cat pee smell in your...

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Science Proves Owning a Cat Is Good for Your Heart

After a long, stressful day, there's nothing more soothing than cuddling up the couch with a warm, purring cat on your lap. Cat lovers know that being around our feline friends makes us feel good, but science has proven that owning a cat can lead to physical changes in your body, improving your blood pressure and even making your heart...

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Cat outdoors

Should I Let My Cat Outside?

Many experts recommend keeping cats indoors to protect them from the dangers of the outdoors. Staying inside may help to keep cats safe, but an indoor-only lifestyle has some downsides. Let’s examine the pros and cons of letting your cat outside. Indoor Vs. Outdoors The outside world poses many dangers to cats, whether related to human activity, other animals, or...

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Do Female Cats Spray?

Cats spray urine to communicate with other cats. When a cat sprays, it lifts its tail straight up and shoots a stream of urine, sometimes quite a distance, generally on vertical surfaces. Urine marking is how cats claim their territory or send warnings to other cats to back off. Spraying also lets other cats know if a cat is available...

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