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Dr Emma Rogers-Smith MRCVS


Before qualifying as a Veterinary Surgeon from the Cambridge University, Emma worked part-time for many years at a small animal veterinary clinic followed a 2 and a half years of residency training as an Internal Medicine Clinician at a large multidisciplinary referral hospital in the UK. Emma has published several first author research papers and is actively involved in on-going research projects in the field of Internal Medicine and Antibiotic Stewardship.


Can Cats Sense Autism?

Over the last decade, our use of animals to detect human medical conditions has increased. While most medical detection and alert animals tend to be dogs, there has been a suggestion that cats might be just as good, or maybe even better, in this role than their canine comrades. Therefore, it is understandable some pet parents wonder if their cat...

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Nesting Behavior In Cats: What It Is And Why They Do It

If you have ever been pregnant or known a pregnant person, you are probably familiar with the urge to "nest" or prepare the home for that new arrival. However, did you know this nesting instinct is also true of cat behavior? In this article, we will consider what's normal when it comes to pregnancy and labor in cats, including everything...

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Why Is My Cat So Desperate For Attention? Top 10 Reasons

There is nothing better than kitty cuddles. However, sometimes your cat might be excessively demanding your attention. If this happens from time to time, there is likely nothing amiss. However, if your cat is constantly seeking your attention, especially if this is a new behavior, it might mean there is a problem. In this article, we will discuss the reasons...

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Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

It is no secret that whiskers make your cat look super cute, but did you know they serve many useful functions for your cat in their daily life? Without whiskers, your cat would struggle with simple tasks such as safely navigating their environment, which can lead to big problems.   This article will tell you all you need to know...

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Do Cats Get Jealous Of Babies?

If you're reading this article, perhaps you have discovered you are about to add "human parent" to your already proud title of "cat parent." Or maybe you just brought your new baby home from the hospital, and your cat has started acting out of character at home. A new baby in the house is a massive change for everyone, both...

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