Dr. Cathy Barnette, DVM

Punta Gorda, FL Home-based freelance writer


  • Worked in a variety of privately-owned and corporate small animal practices before transitioning to a career in veterinary writing.


BS in Zoology from the University of Florida (2000); Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida (2006)


Fourteen years of experience in small animal general practice, working with dogs, cats, and occasional exotic patients.


Cathy lives in Florida with her husband, daughter, one dog, and two cats. When she's not working or spending time with her family, she can usually be found hiking, biking, or curled up on the couch with a good book (and a cat or two!).


Cat Throwing Up Foam: What You Need To Know

When you find yourself woken in the middle of the night by the sound of a gagging or vomiting cat, it can be difficult to think clearly. You may go stumbling through the house, looking for signs of vomit, and only find a puddle of clear foam where your cat has thrown up. There are many potential reasons that cats...

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cat mouth

Mouth Cancer In Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

If your cat suddenly begins refusing food and acting uncomfortable around the mouth, there can be several possible causes for this change. In most cases, these signs are caused by treatable dental disease. In some cases, however, oral pain and reluctance to eat can be caused by an oral tumor. Finding, diagnosing, and treating oral tumors will require partnering with...

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Cat Blood Transfusions: Procedure, Cost, Success Rate, & Recovery

You are likely familiar with the concept of donating blood for human medical patients, but did you know that blood transfusions are also used in the veterinary field? Cats, dogs, and other small animal species can all benefit from blood transfusions when experiencing anemia caused by injury or illness. Cat Blood Transfusion Procedure: How Does it Work?  The first step...

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