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Dr. Cathy Barnette, DVM

Punta Gorda, FL Home-based freelance writer


  • Worked in a variety of privately-owned and corporate small animal practices before transitioning to a career in veterinary writing.


BS in Zoology from the University of Florida (2000); Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida (2006)


Fourteen years of experience in small animal general practice, working with dogs, cats, and occasional exotic patients.


Cathy lives in Florida with her husband, daughter, one dog, and two cats. When she's not working or spending time with her family, she can usually be found hiking, biking, or curled up on the couch with a good book (and a cat or two!).


Cat Limping: Causes & When To Go To The Vet

When you notice that your cat is limping, what should you do? Should you panic and immediately rush to the veterinarian or should you give it a few hours to see if it resolves on its own? Ultimately, the answer to these questions will depend upon a number of factors. Read on to learn more about limping in cats, including...

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How Intelligent Are Cats? Science Has an Answer

When you hear about animals being trained to assist humans, the stories often involve dogs… or maybe even a less common breed, like a miniature horse. After all, it’s rare to hear stories about bomb-sniffing cats or guide cats for the blind. Why is that? Are other species, such as dogs, smarter than domestic cats? That’s a complex question with...

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what to know about bad breath in cats

Bad Breath In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

There’s nothing like snuggling up with a warm, purring cat… until your cat leans in close and you catch a whiff of bad breath! Given the typical feline diet, it’s not uncommon for cat breath to have a slightly unpleasant odor. In some cases, though, bad breath can suggest the presence of significant underlying health problems. Causes Of Bad Breath...

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Feline Genitalia Guide: What You Need To Know

Determining whether a cat is male or female can present a challenge. While determining the sex of an adult cat can be tricky, it can sometimes seem nearly impossible in kittens! Understanding the differences between male and female anatomy can help make this process easier. Read on for details on the feline reproductive system, and scroll down to the bottom of...

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Intestinal Cancer In Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment​

Intestinal cancer is a relatively uncommon form of cancer in cats, accounting for only a small percentage of all feline cancer cases. That’s good news because, when intestinal cancer does occur, it is a serious condition. Approximately 90% of diagnosed feline intestinal tumors are malignant and metastasis is common. Intestinal cancer has often spread by the time of diagnosis, making...

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Neosporin on Cats Feature

Neosporin On Cats: Safety, Side Effects & Alternatives

If you maintain a well-stocked medicine cabinet in your home, it probably contains a tube of Neosporin®. Given how often you may use this ointment on your own cuts and scrapes, you might find yourself tempted to also use Neosporin on your cat’s wound or abscess. However, there are unique risks associated with using Neosporin in cats, making this a...

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Stomach Cancer In Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment​

Although stomach cancer is a relatively uncommon condition in cats, it can and does occur. Unfortunately, it is often associated with a relatively poor prognosis. Read on to learn more about this condition.  What Is Stomach Cancer In Cats? Cancer refers to the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. Stomach cancer, then, refers to a cancerous mass that...

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Brain Tumors In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Although brain tumors in cats are uncommon, they can have significant impacts on affected cats. There are a number of different types of brain tumors that cats can develop of which is associated with unique clinical signs, treatments, and prognosis. Just like any other form of cancer, early diagnosis may lead to more treatment options and better outcomes.  What Are...

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Nose Cancer In Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment​

While cancer of the nose (nasal cancer) is relatively uncommon, it can significantly decrease an affected cat’s quality of life. In many cases, the early signs of nasal cancer are indistinguishable from other illnesses. A cat with early nasal cancer may look like he just has a mild upper respiratory infection or a small scab on the nose. By the...

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understanding your cat's senses

Cat Ear Infection: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Most cats have adorable, active ears, constantly moving around and scanning the horizon for new sounds. In some cases, however, these lovable feline ears become infected, serving as a source of pain for cats. If this happens, it’s important to recognize the problem quickly and seek treatment, before you end up with a much larger problem on your hands. What...

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