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Amy Brown is a Certified NAVC Pet Nutritionist and animal lover. She is the proud owner of two cats and a dog and her love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care, nutrition, and product reviews.


Tractor Supply Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter Review

Wood pellets are growing in popularity as cat litter due to ability to absorb moisture, control odor, naturally suppress bacteria, and are budget-friendly. Many cat owners use horse bedding pellets for cat litter, and Tractor Supply's product is among the most popular, so we put it to the test.  Keep reading on to find out how it compares to typical...

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150 Country Cat Names For Your Male & Female Cat

Searching for a country name to find the perfect one for your cat can be a lot of fun. If you have a country kitty who needs a good cowboy or cowgirl name, you will find several based on famous gunslingers, musicians, and cartoon characters. Below you will find a collection of country-related names, origins and their meanings for your...

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145 Best British Cat Names: Our Top Picks For Your Cat With Meanings

Many British names have profound meaning and are perfect for your cat. Other names are often deeply rooted in history. Keep reading to find traditional British names for your cat that are shared with kings, queens, princes, and princesses as well as more modern choices. British Names For Male Cats Aidan - This name means fiery one. Alfie - This...

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160+ Best Mexican Cat Names For New Pet

If you’re considering a Mexican name for your cat, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best names and other popular monikers found in Mexico. If you love Mexico, or it is part of your heritage you have come to the right place for inspiration. In this article, we have listed 160 of the most common Mexican male and female...

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150 Best Korean Cat Names That You’ll Love

If you are searching for Korean cat names to honor your and your cat's culture or heritage you have come to the right place. Traditional Korean names are often selected based on the Chinese zodiac and are associated with water, earth, wood, metal, or fire. Other names are full of meaning and deeply rooted in Korean tradition. What is a...

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Catit Go Natural Cat Litter Review

Catit Go Natural cat litters are unlike other mineral cat litters because they are based on sustainable sources. These plant-based litters are a safer and a more planet-friendly litter option.  With three formulas to choose from, Catit Go Natural Cat provides eco-conscious cat owners with a lightweight, clumping cat litter. Every formula offers 7-day odor control that absorbs anywhere from...

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150 Best Arabic Cat Names With Meanings

Arabic names are known for being rich in history as well as having deep and powerful meanings. Arabic names often refer to serving god and many Arabic female names are a variation of a male name. This alphabetical list contains popular Arabic names to help you begin the difficult process of choosing a name for your feline friend. Best Male...

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Premium Cat Litter All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter Review personally tests their items on their own pets, including their all-natural clumping litter. The litter is made from sun-dried sodium bentonite clay and harvested on a family-owned-and-operated ranch in Wyoming.  Unlike other clay clumping litters, clay litter is a naturally unscented, low-dust, with a softer texture that is easier on your cat's paws. How We Tested: We purchased...

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Top 150 Best Italian Cat Names For Males and Females

There are plenty of reasons to consider an Italian name for your feline. Maybe you want to honor your own family's Italian heritage, or really like the way the language sounds. If you are looking for inspiration to pick the perfect Italian name for your cat, this list can help. We covered the most popular Italian names for both male...

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150 Best Brown Cat Names That You’ll Love

Naming your new kitty doesn’t have to be a taxing undertaking. In this article, we have provided names reflecting various shades of brown to cute for both male and female cats. Keep reading to get 150 ideas for your new brown cat's possible name. Brown and White Cat Names Braon - This means Brown in Croatian. Brownie - This means...

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