Amber King


Amber's pet writing career started when her strong-willed and understandably anxious rescue dog, Copper, inspired her to write about her experiences training and loving such a beloved family member. Since then, she has welcomed more dogs, cats, foster cats, and chickens into her life. She uses her experiences with her own pets as well as lessons learned by volunteering with animal shelters to help other pet people better understand and care for their furry best friends.


why do cats loaf?

Why Do Cats Sit Like a Loaf?

Out of all the adorable things your cat does, few are as charming as the cat loaf. Cat loaf, cat bread, potato cat, turkey cat, hovercat–whatever you call it, this precious resting position is (thankfully) common among our feline friends. It’s normal to walk into a room and find your cat loafing on the back of the couch. Or maybe...

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are cats smarter than dogs?

Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs? Scientists Finally Have the Answer

As the two most popular pets in the world, it’s impossible not to compare cats and dogs. We talk about which species is the better companion and which is the best cuddler, and there’s also the age-old debate of which animal is smarter. While dog people will always refer to canine trainability, we can’t discount a cat’s independence and problem-solving....

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games you can play with your cat

8 Purrfect Games You Can Play With Your Cat

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and low-maintenance. Even in cartoons, the cat character is more likely to lay in the sun than play with the family. In reality, however, a lot of cats are playful and social. They need regular activities and human interaction to keep them healthy and happy. The good news is, all you need to...

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can I change my adopted cat's name?

Can I Change My Adopted Cat’s Name?

Lacey, Jack, Freya, Taco–naming a cat is a big (and exciting) decision. But what happens when you adopt a cat that already has a name? Animal shelters almost always assign pets names even if they’re rescued as strays. Sure, you fall in love with a cat’s cute face, but adopting an animal is about more than good looks. Giving a...

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cat breeds with stripes

8 Purrfect Cat Breeds With Stripes

While the number of cat breeds in the world depends on who you ask, (TICA recognizes 73 while CFA says there are only 45), no one can deny that cats come in dozens of colors with different markings and characteristics. Even between solid-colored cats, you’ll be hard-pressed to find two felines that are exactly alike. That diversity is part of...

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what to do if your indoor cat gets outside

What To Do If Your Indoor Cat Gets Outside

Thanks to natural curiosity and unavoidable human error, it’s an unfortunately common occurrence for indoor cats to get outside. Your opportunistic feline might notice a door held open for a second too long or take interest in a window that’s been left cracked. My indoor cat once got out because he decided to climb the screen door, and his weight...

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can cats see in the dark?

Can Cats See in the Dark?

Your cat’s midnight zoomies and early morning escapades might disrupt your sleep, but have you ever wondered how your cat manages to get into so much trouble when all the lights are off? Some say that cats see in the dark. This conjures images of either supernatural creatures or Navy Seals wearing night-vision goggles. Not surprisingly, neither of these comparisons...

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Why Do Male Cats Have Big Heads?

Determining whether a cat is male or female isn’t as easy as you might think. This is especially true if the cat has yet to reach maturity, is already neutered, or isn’t social enough to let you take a closer look at their genitals. Coat color, coat pattern, and even behavior won’t help. Taking the cat to a vet will...

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5 Reasons to Adopt a Special Needs Cat

Deciding to add a cat to your family is an important decision that warrants plenty of thought and planning. It’s exciting, of course, but we can’t forget that cats are long-term commitments. Their needs go beyond food and a place to sleep, and finding the right cat for your family might take time. Many people are attracted to kittens, especially...

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what colors do cats like?

What Colors Do Cats Like?

Your cat has favorite foods, favorite toys, and probably has a preferred place to take a snooze. They have emotions and opinions that are as valid as anyone else’s in the family. But have you ever wondered if your cat has a favorite color? So can cats see colors like humans? Well, for humans, favorite colors are completely subjective. It’s...

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