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Amber King


Amber's pet writing career started when her strong-willed and understandably anxious rescue dog, Copper, inspired her to write about her experiences training and loving such a beloved family member. Since then, she has welcomed more dogs, cats, foster cats, and chickens into her life. She uses her experiences with her own pets as well as lessons learned by volunteering with animal shelters to help other pet people better understand and care for their furry best friends.


What Colors Do Cats Like Most?

Your cat has favorite foods, favorite toys, and probably has a preferred place to take a snooze. They have emotions and opinions that are as valid as anyone else’s in the family. But have you ever wondered if your cat has a favorite color? Can cats see colors like humans? Well, for humans, favorite colors are completely subjective. It’s hard...

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Do Cats Dream? Science Has the Answer

By sleeping up to 16 hours every day, cats certainly act like professional snoozers. They seem to operate in a state of being half awake and half asleep, and they’re capable of drifting off even in upright, and uncomfortable, positions. Cats sleep to conserve their energy for things like late-night zoomies and playful pouncing, but sometimes, our feline friends are...

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are cats smarter than dogs?

Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs? Scientists Finally Have the Answer

As the two most popular pets in the world, it’s impossible not to compare cats and dogs. We talk about which species is the better companion and which is the best cuddler, and there’s also the age-old debate of which animal is smarter. While dog people will always refer to canine trainability, we can’t discount a cat’s independence and problem-solving....

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7 Fascinating Facts About Black Cats You Probably Didn’t Know

 As some of the most misunderstood members of the cat world, black cats aren’t always what they seem. Some say they’re bad luck. Others see a dark-colored cat and conjure images of witches and monsters. These unwarranted associations with all things creepy have given black cats an unfair, and flat-out wrong, reputation. In reality, black cats are friendly, loyal, and...

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Study Shows Your Cat May Be The Key To Preventing Memory Loss

While cat lovers don't need a team of scientists to tell them that their feline friends positively impact their lives, a preliminary study sponsored by the American Academy of Neurology offers new and interesting information in favor of pet ownership. According to collected data, your cat could be the key to keeping your memory sharp even as you age. It's...

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Do Cats Like Hugs?

The better you understand your cat's thoughts and feelings, the better your relationship will be. This is especially true when it comes to how you show affection. We all know cats are capable of forming strong bonds with humans, and they show us love in several ways. Trouble can arise, however, in how we return those feelings. Hugging is usually...

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Can Cats Swim?

While every cat is different, not many of our feline friends regularly jump into water ready to have a good time. In fact, with the exception of a short list of specific cat breeds, cats have a reputation for hating water. They’re not like dogs that excitedly jump into lakes and rivers to splash around, and anything bigger than a...

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Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

As one of the most recognizable cat breeds in the world, the Siamese has a reputation for being graceful and talkative. They’ve even been described as “regal” and nicknamed the Royal Cat of Siam. Their striking color-pointed fur complete with masks and socks makes them a favorite among cat people, and they also have another characteristic that people love: they’re...

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Why Do Cats Like Crinkly Things? 6 Reasons Why!

Plastic bags, food wrappers, crinkle toys–all these objects are likely to pique your cat’s interest. Cats like to hit them with their paws, bat them down the hallway, wrestle with them, and your living room lion might even try to shred a crinkly item with their teeth and claws. Out of all the toys and random objects in your house,...

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Do Cats Know When You’re Sick?

When you bond with a cat, you unlock a friendship that is unlike any other. Some people say they even like their cats better than their human partners. With that kind of strong relationship, many cat people report their feline friends are surprisingly attuned to their feelings and well-being. Cats seem to know exactly when they’re needed most, and their...

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