Aisling O'Keeffe MVB CertSAM ISFMAdvCertFB

Cork, Ireland Small Animal Veterinary Hospital


  • A postgraduate certificate in Small Animal Medicine in 2019, a certificate in Feline Behaviour in 2018, Wrote children's book 'Minding Mittens' in 2020 which aims to educate children about cat care and behaviour


Qualified as a veterinarian from University College Dublin in 2015


I've worked in a variety of small animal hospitals in Ireland and the UK, including 3 years in a cat-only veterinary hospital.


I live in a little cottage in the Irish countryside with my family and pets which include my 4 cats and 13 recently rescued ex-battery hens.


Why Do Cats Howl? A Veterinarian Explains

There are many ways that cats communicate and vocalizing is one of them. This can include familiar cat sounds such as meowing, purring, and hissing but also more distressing sounds like howling. Have you heard your cat howling before? Howling is a distinctive sound and our feline companions can do this for a variety of reasons to communicate with us...

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The 7 Types Of Eye Color In Cats

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, coat types and coat colors but did you know that there are many different types of eye color in cats? What Color Eyes Can Cats Have? You may have noticed amazing blues, yellows and greens in the eyes of our feline friends but there are many other colors to watch out for. Some...

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Cat Doesn’t Chew Her Food and Throws Up: When To Worry?

You may have noticed that your cat doesn’t chew her food and throws it up afterwards, is this something to be concerned about? The simple answer is yes. Your cat shouldn’t be throwing up regularly and this could be a sign of an underlying problem. We’ll discuss everything that you need to know. Do Cats Chew Their Food? First of...

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Why Does My Cat Scratch and Dig Around His Food?

Have you ever noticed your cat scratching around their food bowl? It almost looks like they’re trying to bury their food with imaginary soil and it can be quite cute to see. This is a common feline behavior noticed by many owners. It’s perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about. There are a few reasons why your cat may...

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Why Doesn’t My Cat Knead? A Veterinarian Explains

Kneading is an adorable cat behavior that many cats display. It involves the rhythmic movement of the front paws pushing out and then pulling back in alternatively. This is affectionately known as "making biscuits" or "kneading bread" as it resembles these movements. It’s a common cat behavior, but that doesn’t mean that all cats knead. Some cats don’t knead at...

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Why Isn’t My Cat Affectionate?

As we know, all cats are different and have their own personalities. They show affection in their own way, with some cats being very obviously affectionate and others less so. Some cats are friendly and enjoy having a close relationship with their owners. Other cats may be indifferent to human interaction or even avoid humans altogether. Your cat’s personality is...

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Heartworm Disease In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Do you know about heartworm disease in cats? If not, continue reading as this is essential information for all cat owners to know.  Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially life-threatening disease in cats in the United States and other parts of the world. Heartworms are spread by mosquitos and can infect both outdoor and indoor cats. Prevention is crucial...

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Do Cats Have Good Hearing?

We’re all familiar with the sight of a cat crouched hunting their prey, utilizing their excellent eyesight and reflexes, but did you know that cats also have a remarkable sense of hearing? In fact, your cat’s hearing is better than humans and dogs! This might not come as a surprise to some of you, who have noticed that your cat...

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why is my cat peeing a lot?

Why Is My Cat Peeing A Lot?

If you’ve noticed that your cat is peeing a lot, it’s most definitely not a sign to be ignored. Whether it’s been going on for a while or is a recent change, increased peeing (urination) can be a symptom of serious illnesses and diseases in our pet cats. Increased peeing is particularly concerning in older cats. It might be difficult...

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Why Do Some Cats Get Freckles?

Have you ever noticed cute little dark spots on your cat’s nose? If they appear like nose freckles, they could be just that! Unknown to many cat owners, cats can get freckles just like we do. In this article, I’ll explain how to recognize them, what they are and when to be concerned about any spots. What Do Freckles Look...

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