All About Cats Editorial

All About Cats Editorial


Cats and COVID

Cats and COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know

By now you’ve probably heard the news that a small number of cats have caught COVID-19. Other felines including lions and tigers at the Bronx Zoo caught this novel coronavirus too, presumably from asymptomatic caretakers. There’s a lot we don’t know about this virus. And as the situation progresses, new knowledge will come to light. What we do know is...

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How to Help Cats Get Along Featured Image

How to Help Cats Get Along

Worldwide cat ownership is increasing in popularity and the proportion of multi-cat households is also on the rise. While being a cat parent brings us lots of joy and many benefits, our cats need assistance to help them get along, keep them safe, relaxed, and enriched. A cat is an independent, solitary hunter and is not reliant on social relationships....

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clingy cat

10 Signs You Might Have A Clingy Cat

After spending an entire day out of the house with the company of other human beings, there is nothing more pleasant than coming home to a loving cat. After all, social interaction with other people has its benefits, but the unconditional love of your cat is just unbeatable. Your cat probably feels the same way you do when you come home....

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All About Orange Tabby Cats

All cats are awesome and unique in their own kind. However, orange tabby cats occupy a special place in many peoples’ hearts. Although people sometimes call average cats’ tabby, tabby is not a cat breed. Tabby is a pattern of kitty’s coat, and it happens to be the most amazing of all the feline coat patterns. In other words, it...

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female cat names

550+ Most Popular Female Cat Names

Giving your pet a name is as important as giving a name to your kid. It can become an easy job if you have the right choices. Let us list down 550 girl cat names under various categories so it is easy for you to choose. Female Cat Names By Color Female Black Cat Names Bella- This cute girly-girl name...

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cat sleep

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

As a dedicated cat owner you've probably noticed your cat sleeps a lot more than you do. I feel like mine are asleep almost all the time! If you’re anything like me you’re probably jealous of how much your cat gets to snooze. At the same time you might also wonder why your cat sleeps so much. Why do they...

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How to Tell If a Cat Is Pregnant: Labor Signs, Behavior and Timeline

Has your cat been pregnant before or previously given birth to kittens? One thing is for sure, knowing the length of a cat's pregnancy won't help at all unless you know the date when she mated with her chosen suitor. As a rule, your cat keeps that information a secret! Quick Navigation: How Long Are Cats Pregnant? Pregnancy Behaviors Pregnancy Stages...

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Names for Black Cats

210+ Popular Names for Black Cats

Hey guys, we’ve narrowed down our search for the most popular black cat names from around the world worth checking out. Our criteria included: plain AWESOME names for your little bad ass black panther. Find the Perfect Name for Your Black Cat: Boy Black Cat Names Girl Black Cat Names Mysterious Black Cat Names Mystic Black Cat Names Famous Cat Names Funny Black Cat Names...

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white and black cat

Black And White Cat Names With Meaning

There is no greater joy than a new Kitten. Cats are a great part of the joy and humor we experience every day, so you’ll need to find the cutest name for your new family member. We’ll help you chose the name that relates to the cat's natural behavior and appearance. There are a lot of funny, unique, color-based as...

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Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts and Angels?

Can cats see ghosts? How about angels? Or even demons? Well, animals may not use a language to communicate like humans but a true animal observer will realize that animals do communicate very well with their sounds and body language. The cat is one such species and apart from communicating with their owners, they have a connection with each other...

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