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All About Ginger Cats

Though technically not a breed, ginger cats are known for their distinct coloration which comes in varying shades of orange, red, and gold. With their tiger-like appearance and their friendly personalities, ginger cats are some of the most popular cats around. In fact, ginger cats have their own holiday – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day falls on the first of September...

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Why Do Cats Knead Their Owners?

Cats are notorious for being ornery, aloof, and sometimes just plain weird. They exhibit a variety of behaviors that don’t always make sense to us cat owners, but we love them anyway. Though every cat is different, most exhibit kneading behavior at one time or another. Sometimes they knead their bed before lying down or knead their feline friend during...

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female cat names

551 Most Popular Female Cat Names

Giving your pet a name is as important as giving a name to your kid. It can become an easy job if you have the right choices. Let us list down 550 girl cat names under various categories so it is easy for you to choose. Female Cat Names By Color Female Black Cat Names Bella- This cute girly-girl name...

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The Ultimate Persian Cat Grooming Guide

Natural and select breeding over the course of our history has created our luxurious, long, thick signature coats. And we are gorgeous! We are natural beauties, but it also takes effort to keep even beauty at its optimum. Because of our fancy dressings we tend to be labeled a “high maintenance” breed. The Persian coat, I will not lie, does...

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55 Amazing Names For Cats With Green Eyes

Cat that have green eyes have an exotic and mysterious look to them, and if you are having trouble thinking of a good name for your green-eyed cat, then try these out. Male Names For Cats With Green Eyes Ozzy- Named after the Emerald City of Oz. Patrick- Named after St. Patrick’s Day and the green colors that holiday is...

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calico cat types

101 Most Popular Calico Cat Names

Calicos are some of the most colorful and playful cats. As kittens, they love to get into mischief and run around, while as adults, they are great hunters and loyal companions. These cats tend to have orange, black and white markings, though there can sometimes be other colors in there as well. This means that there are all sorts of...

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can kitten eat tuna

255 Best Gray Cat Names

Do you have a gray cat or kitten and are on the look for a name for it? Look no further! We have a list of some of the cutest and most fun gray kitten names to make your life much easier! Find The Perfect Name For Your Gray Cat: Male Names Female Names Unisex Names Good Gray Cat Names...

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All About Orange Tabby Cats

All cats are awesome and unique in their own kind. However, orange tabby cats occupy a special place in many peoples’ hearts. Although people sometimes call average cats’ tabby, tabby is not a cat breed. Tabby is a pattern of kitty’s coat, and it happens to be the most amazing of all the feline coat patterns. In other words, it...

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145 Most Popular Names for Tabby Cats

Tabby cats are some of the most common household pets, and their distinctive black, orange grey and brown striped coloring opens the door for some really awesome cat names. Here are some of our favorites. Male Names for Tabby Cats (A-Z) Alvin – from Alvin and the chipmunks. Angus – means strength. Aslan – means bold. Atlas – Greek god....

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