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Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

As one of the most recognizable cat breeds in the world, the Siamese has a reputation for being graceful and talkative. They’ve even been described as “regal” and nicknamed the Royal Cat of Siam. Their striking color-pointed fur complete with masks and socks makes them a favorite among cat people, and they also have another characteristic that people love: they’re...

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Best Cat Food For Siamese Cats

Known for their distinct appearance, affectionate personality, and chatty demeanor, the Siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breed of Asian cat. These cats are agile and athletic, and they love to play. If you’re lucky enough to be owned by a Siamese cat, your life will never be dull. At A Glance: Best Cat Food For Siamese...

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55+ Cool And Clever Names For Siamese Cats

Cool Siamese Cat Names: Ajax – Ajax is the name of a new technology in the world of software. Alchemy – If you love science, alchemy is an excellent name for your cat. Alley – If you dream of an alley fill of mystery, this is the name for the cat. Aristotle – Aristotle was a great philosopher, and your cat could wear this name....

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Why Is My Cat So Small? When To See The Vet

Small cats are cute. Well, actually, so are larger cats, medium cats, and, well… all cats really! But if you’re a proud pet parent to a petite cat, you may be asking, "why is my cat so small?" This can be especially true when comparing your cat to other, larger, or more "normal" sized cats. There are a few reasons...

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Is Cat TV Good For Cats?

When I settle onto my sofa in the evening, and my cats jump up for a cuddle, they usually seem more intent on snoozing in my lap than on what I’m watching on Netflix. However, many pet parents are turning to screen time to help keep their cats entertained. A wide range of television shows are made especially for cats,...

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Why Does My Cat Like To Be Carried?

There is a widely believed stereotype that cats are aloof, and merely tolerate their human companions, interacting strictly on their own feline terms. Many cat owners would disagree strongly with this, and research has demonstrated that cats do miss their owners when they are left alone and that they can form strong attachments to people. Some cats take this bonding...

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10 Key Questions To Ask Before Adopting A New Cat

Adopting a cat, kitten, or any other pet is a lifetime commitment, so it’s important to do your homework. Too many people think cats are disposable; hence the populations of community cats and full shelters. Asking yourself the following 10 questions will help you to make a wise decision. Additional Tips If you decide to adopt a cat, here are...

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are brown cats considered rare?

Are Brown Cats Considered Rare? 

Cats come in a beautiful rainbow of colors and patterns. Some cat colors and patterns are very common and others are rare. If you’re wondering if brown cats are considered rare, the answer is, it depends! Some brown colors and patterns in cats are fairly common, but some brown cats are quite rare! Read on to learn about the different...

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