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100 Popular Abyssinian Cat Names

Male Abyssinian Cat Names Alex- Alex simply means, 'defending men.' Arthur- This one means as strong as a rock, follower of Thor and noble. Atlas- Atlas means one who endures/ suffers. Bongo- This name refers to some connected drums that are played with the use of hands. Harley- This male Abyssinian name comes from the Harley Davidson, a renowned motorcycle...

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Best Cat Food For Abyssinian Cats

Though its origins are shrouded in mystery, the Abyssinian or Aby is thought to be one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds. With its slim figure and large ears, the Abyssinian cat resembles a small African wildcat but he is every bit the perfect house cat. Abyssinian cats are active and intelligent which, as any cat owner knows, can be...

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are brown cats considered rare?

Are Brown Cats Considered Rare? 

Cats come in a beautiful rainbow of colors and patterns. Some cat colors and patterns are very common and others are rare. If you’re wondering if brown cats are considered rare, the answer is, it depends! Some brown colors and patterns in cats are fairly common, but some brown cats are quite rare! Read on to learn about the different...

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9 Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed (That Much)

In most cases, shedding is an inevitable part of cat ownership. It’s possible to stay on top of the cat hair situation with some tried and true methods, for instance, brushing and grooming your kitty regularly to remove dead hair from the coat, frequent vacuuming, and using lint rollers on clothing and furniture. Most cat owners happily deal with a...

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12 Cat Breeds With Adorable Big Ears

Cats have so many adorable features from their perfect noses to their little bean toes. Big ears on a cat can perform important functions for survival when in the wild. They act like satellite dishes, which help felines pick up on the slightest sounds when hunting. However, domestic cats use their ears to know who is coming and going from...

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10 Stunning Black Cat Breeds That Deserve A Place In Your Heart

Sleek and beautiful, black cats often evoke thoughts of wild panthers or Halloween. Black is a dominant color, which means it is one of the most common colors found in cats. Sadly, statistics suggest that black cats the least adoptable, with black cats languishing in animal shelters and rescue groups longer than other, more desirable colors. This could be due...

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cat cats swim

150 Best Brown Cat Names That You’ll Love

Naming your new kitty doesn’t have to be a taxing undertaking. In this article, we have provided names reflecting various shades of brown to cute for both male and female cats. Keep reading to get 150 ideas for your new brown cat's possible name. Brown and White Cat Names Braon - This means Brown in Croatian. Brownie - This means...

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How To Deal With Food Aggression In Cats

Food is a vital resource and a survival mechanism for all species, but what happens when your delightful cat becomes a tiger at mealtimes? Food aggression is common in dogs with minimal occurrences reported in cats. Food aggression in cats manifests as resource guarding and is subtle in most situations, with serious contributions to obesity, heart disease, and other chronic...

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10 Most Popular Brown Cat Breeds

Brown cats are not particularly rare. Brown, especially brown tabby (brown with black stripes) is a very common color in cats. Solid brown cats are somewhat less common, and can be strikingly beautiful. In some breeds, the solid brown color is called chocolate. Some pointed breeds also come in brown colors, such as the seal point Siamese. In cats, brown...

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