French Cat Names – 101 of the Best French Names for Cats

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French names tend to have a poetic, sing-songy style to them that is perfect for cats. These creatures are light on their feet and agile, making French names a suitable fit for many. Here are 101 of the best French cat names to pick from.

Boy Names

  1. Achille– A French form of Achilles, a Greek literary hero.
  2. Pepe– A common French name and also that of a famous cartoon skunk.
  3. Abel– A French name with Hebrew origins.
  4. Antoine– This is another common name and a French form of Anthony.
  5. Cornelle– This lovely name is the French version of Cornelius.
  6. Daniel– The French form of Daniel, a famous figure from the Bible.
  7.  Dorain– From the novel A Picture of Dorian Gray.
  8. Ethan– This French name with Hebrew roots means strong and firm.
  9. Geoffrey– This name means peace.
  10. Georges– Named after some famous French artists.
  11. Louis– A famous French king’s name.
  12. Mael– This Gaelic name means chief or prince.
  13.  Manuel– A form of Emmanuel, which means God with us.
  14. Matthieu– A French version of the Hebrew name Matthew.
  15. Lumiere– Means light and clarity.
  16. Beau– This word means handsome.
  17. Cheval– This strong name means horse.
  18. Saber– This is the French word for sword.
  19. Senior– For regal cats, you can sue the word for lord of the house.
  20. Sebastian– This common name means revered.
  21. Marceau– Here is a strong name meaning warlike.
  22. Marq– This is a variation on Mark.
  23. Isaak– The French form of Isaac, which means laughter.
  24. Felix– This common name means fortunate.
  25. Frederic– Means a peaceful ruler.
  26. Vachel– This is a fairly common name meaning calf.
  27. Verel– Means correct, as cats always seem to think they are.
  28. Victor– Of course, means conqueror.
  29. Theron– Means hunter.
  30. Tristan– This name means bold.
  31. Troy– Is a simple name meaning foot soldier.
  32. Odo– This unique name means rich.
  33. Ourson– Save this for ferocious cats, as it means bear.
  34. Karl– Is a common name meaning farmer.
  35. Dacey– This name is the French word for Southerner.
  36. Darcio– A form of Arcy or Darcy.
  37. Patric– Meaning nobleman.

Girl Names

  1. Elise– A beautiful form of the name Elisabeth.
  2. Emma– This name is associated with French and British royalty.
  3. Fanny– Short for Stephanie and Frances.
  4. Fleur– French for flower.
  5. Gigi– This cute name is a shortened form of Georgine.
  6. Giselle– This name only became commonly used throughout France in the 20th century.
  7. Isabelle– This form of Elizabeth is considered a regal name.
  8. Jade– Named after the precious, green stone.
  9. Jessica– This French name has English roots in Shakespeare’s plays.
  10. Josee– This is a feminine form of the Hebrew name Joseph.
  11. Marilou– A combination of the names Mary and Louise.
  12. Michele– France’s feminine version of Michael.
  13. Monique– This is a French version of Monica.
  14. Ambrette– The name of a French pear.
  15. Belle– This popular name means beautiful.
  16. Elle– Here is a similar one that simply means “her”.
  17. Satine– Is a very popular French girl’s name.
  18. Rouge– This name means red.
  19. Miette– Great for smaller cats, as it means small or crumb.
  20. Jolie– This increasingly popular name means pretty.
  21. Cherie– Most people know this word means darling.
  22. Deja– This lovely name means already.
  23. Lilas– This sing-songy word means lilac.
  24. Perle– You might have guessed this word means pearl.
  25. Pomme– This sweet name means apple.
  26. Abella– This feminine form of Abel means breath.
  27. Adrienne– For black or brown cats, you can use this word that means dark.
  28. Alexandra– This strong name means defender of the people.
  29. Suzanne– Is the French word for lily.
  30. Mai– This simply means the month of May.
  31. Merci– Means thank you or merciful.
  32. Michele– Means godlike.
  33. Mystique– Means a mysterious air.
  34. Iva– Means the grace of God.
  35. Ivonne– Form of Yvonne, meaning archer.
  36. Ila– Means light.
  37. Fay– Means a fairylike creature.
  38. Florida– It’s not just a state; it is also a French word meaning flowering.
  39. Vivian– Means full of life and can be spelled several different ways.
  40. Violetta– Is a lovely name meaning small violet flower.
  41. Tifanie– Means an epiphany.
  42. Tilly– Is a very strong name meaning a battle maiden.
  43. Ophelia– Is a beautiful name that means helper.
  44. Orva– The name means gold or golden.
  45. Karlotta– Means tiny and feminine.
  46. Karolina– Is another form of Karlotta.
  47. Kari– A word meaning pure.
  48. Desiree– The feminine name means desired.

Unisex Names

  1. Frances– This form of Frank can be used for boys or girls.
  2. Hyacinthe– This flower’s name is used for both males and females in France.
  3. Noel– Means Christmas in French.
  4. J’aime– This means “I love you” in French.
  5. Reve– Means dream in French.
  6. Rue– This simple name means street.
  7. Bleu– This French word means blue.
  8. Ciel– The French word for sky.
  9. Bijou– You could go with the French word for jewel.
  10. Felin– You could just go with the French word for cat.
  11. Myrtille– Here is a sweet word meaning blueberry.
  12. Jardin– You could use the French word for garden.
  13. Dax– Means water.
  14. Deon– Can be spelled a few different ways and means god of wine.
  15. Pascal or Pascala- Means born at Eastertime.
  16. Percy– Means something that pierces like your cat’s claws.

Did you find a name from this list that stood out to you? We hope you know the perfect name for your cat now, as we think some of these names would be absolutely ideal for the elegant, beautiful feline in your life.

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  1. caroline

    ive had a rouge before meaning red and i want a great french name for this beautifull red boy cat with white under his chin


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